As the state of Kerala struggles to survive the floods, lakhs of people have been affected and desperately require help. Unrelenting rains have taken an unprecedented toll on the state of Kerala.

Let us be the light bringing hope into the lives of the people as they battle drastic floods! Let us help Kerala to come out of the difficult situation and fight the unexpected natural disaster they suffer.


Through SEESHA’s local volunteers, we have helped the people to get to the temporary shelters at relief camps. We are also working to meet the needs of the people stranded at their houses and the ones residing in temporary camps. We have completed the first level of assessment and identified the badly affected areas who have almost lost everything they had. We are also helping in setting up temporary relief camps where lakhs of people have been displaced from their own homes. Our medical teams of professionals from various spheres are jointly involved in active relief work in the worst-hit districts of Kerala. SEESHA volunteers are readily available to provide support and help restore lives to normalcy.

We appeal to you on behalf of the hundreds of families who require your support, having lost all their possessions in the unexpected natural disaster. Partner with SEESHA to help the adversely affected families across the districts of Kerala.