The Team

The members of the SEESHA team, who are spread across the country, function as different parts of one body, collectively working towards their common goal of eradicating poverty and empowering communities. The potpourri of professionals at SEESHA include trained and experienced medical/paramedical personnel, occupational therapists and physiotherapists, special educators, social workers and development workers, livelihood experts, and media and communication specialists.


Staff Body

Head Office Team

The nucleus of the SEESHA team works from the head office located in Chennai. This core team takes care of the administration, coordinates the projects in the field, liaisons with individual and corporate partners, and ensures the smooth functioning of the organisation.

Field-level Implementers

The teams in the different field locations act as channels of development, facilitating and implementing projects designed for specific communities. They directly interact with the communities, understanding their problems and needs and bringing about positive changes in their lives.

Healthcare Team

The health outreach team consists of medical and paramedical staff, working enthusiastically towards preventing disease and promoting health and well-being among the local communities in and around Karunya Nagar, Coimbatore as well as in rural regions of North East India. The primary goal of this team is to provide quality healthcare at affordable prices to the poor.


More than 200 volunteers across the nation support the staff in multiple ways. This group of enthusiastic people, together, add value to the extent and effectiveness of SEESHA's reach.