New Clothes Project

Every year, SEESHA celebrates the Christmas and New Year season by gifting 100,000 new clothes to children from downtrodden communities, orphanages and disaster-hit regions.

Clothing is one of the most basic needs for mankind. When it comes to children, hailing from families where they cannot afford new clothes for festivals or birthdays or New Years, we see more than just a basic physical need; we see a socio-emotional longing. For such children, their worn out, and sometimes torn clothes, embody them with a lack of confidence and drives them away from seizing opportunities that may bring them attention.

Every year, SEESHA seeks out 100,000 such children and presents them with a set of new clothes to help them face the world a little more confidently.

New Clothes Distribution Event 2018

SEESHA’S New clothes distribution inaugural event for 1 lakh children was held at Coimbatore on 15.12.2018. As a part of inaugural program, 1000 poor children participated in the event and received new clothes. Several other people from poor backgrounds were also benefitted. Success stories were shared by the beneficiaries. Children actively participated in the cultural programmes and showcased their talents. We are glad to have lit smiles and spread cheers around this festive season in the lives of little children and the needy people making them feel loved and happy.

  • NEW CLOTHES FOR CHILDREN : Children studying at SEESHA Life centre at Thondamuthur and from nearby villages, tribal children, children living without parents and hailing from economically underprivileged children studying at Govt.Schools received the new clothes.50 Children living with HIV and also special children treated at SEESHA’s Rehabilitation centres were also provided with new clothes
  • ELDERLY PEOPLE : Elderly people staying at Old Age care home received new clothes.
  • EMPOWERING THE DIFFERENTLY ABLED : 3 differently abled people received retrofit two wheelers (TVS Scooty Pep)
  • LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE : 2 Widows received commercial iron box to start business and run their families on their own. 12 Women from very poor background who were trained in SEESHA tailoring centres at Chirala, Surandai, Madurai,Cuddalore,Chennai received new commercial Sewing machines. These machines were sponsored by the ones who were previously benefitted by this program who are currently employed as tailors.