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SEESHA designs and implements projects relevant to the needs of people from all sections of the society, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender or religion. Each of the projects function in their own unique ways to propel the journey towards holistic development, fuelled by indicators such as using education, health, environment and livelihood.

The projects are set both in community as well as institutionalised settings. Primarily, we work with children, youth, women, men, families, persons in need of physiological and psychological care, the differently-abled, senior citizens, and victims of natural disasters. Together, these individual projects are equipped with the power to transform entire communities.


Child & Youth Development

SEESHA nurtures young dreams and moulds children and youth into change-makers of their communities and the nation through a range of tailor-made development projects.


Women Empowerment

At SEESHA, we transform shy, uneducated women into empowered individuals through trainings and development programmes.


Service to the Elderly

SEESHA reaches out to the elderly who are abandoned and destitute in order to assure them a healthy and dignified retired life.


Differently-abled Care

With the vision of an inclusive society, SEESHA trains, counsels and motivates the differently-abled to lead independent and self-sufficient lives.


Health Outreach Projects

SEESHA health outreach projects aim to make quality healthcare affordable to the poor, even in the remotest of communities.


Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation

SEESHA’s country-wide network of volunteers responds to the need for relief, providing basic provisions and financial assistance to those affected by natural disasters.




At Coimbatore, SEESHA organised a special Inclusive Summer Camp for children from SEESHA Tuition Centres, SEESHA Day-Care centres for the differently-abled as well as neighbouring special schools! It was indeed a unique experience for all the participants.

The major objective of the camp was to mitigate misconceptions about disabilities and sensitize children to respect the varying abilities of other children, giving them an opportunity to interact, and involve in similar activities!


SEESHA, joining hands with World Vision organised a national-level summer camp in all SEESHA Tuition Centres in the month of May, 2016.

The summer camp, themed “Child-Friendly Community” is a five day intensive course for children designed in a play way method, with activities, games, and musical elements for the total development of children.

Over 3000 children in the age group of 4-18 years of age participated in the Summer Camp organised on various dates during the month at the SEESHA Tuition Centres. The camp activities were designed to suit the specific age categories – Tiny Tots, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

Special text books, work books, song books, audio cassettes etc. prepared according to the theme by World Vision were used during the camp. Additionally, SEESHA’s tutors and volunteers were specifically trained by World Vision professionals to organise these camps.

  • founder-testimonal

    Dr. Paul Dhinakaran

    Founder, SEESHA

    A philanthropist and educationist, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran established SEESHA in 2003 as the manifestation of his vision in humanitarian service. His personal motto, “Let’s give life” is also the tagline of SEESHA.

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